Dr. Jochen Reich M.Sc. Computer Science

German Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

Dr. Dan Mason M.Sc. Physics

German Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

Theodor Seitz M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

German Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

Frank Purschke M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

European Patent Attorney

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Niessner Patent Engineer

Professor for Analytical Chemistry at

Technical University of Munich

Andreas Salzinger Graduate Engineer

Prior Art Searches

We are hiring Patent Attorney (Artificial Intelligence AI, IoT, 3GPP, ...)


We offer a wide network of patent lawyers, advisors from the business community and experts from the university environment. For the elaboration of technical advice for litigation in the mobile sector professors were already successfully acquired.

We are able to handle international mandates and are fimiliar with the European patent practice, especially in the field of telecommunications and computer science.

We have a wide network and are available in different collaborations. For example, Dr. Jochen Reich is engaged in the society for computer science eV (= GI) and leads the Working group Patents, where the task arises to create an interface between the computer science and the Patent Law. With approximately 22,000 members the GI is the largest computer science specialist representation in the German-speaking countries.

Dr. Jochen Reich is a visiting researcher at the Technical University of Munich, Faculty of computer science and also advises members of other universities and their partners from industry. Furthermore, he is member of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys, FICPI and epi. For further information see

Particularly outstanding innovations can be nominated for the Innovation Award. Here Dr. Jochen Reich is along with professors and industry representatives member of the jury.

Feel free to contact us for further information.